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on these crimes. live in palo alto tonight, nbc bay area news. >>> a well known former u.s. senator known for handling complex negotiations will help try to hammer out a settlement in the san bruno explosion. former senate majority leader george mitchell has agreed to mediate talks between pg&e and the california public utility commissions. the issue is how much should pg&e pay in finance for the september 2010 blast that killed 8 people? senator mitchell brokered a peace treaty in northern ireland. he also led the investigation into the use of performance enhancing drugs in major league baseball. >>> well, coming up, you're on the do not call list but your phone is still ringing. tonight we investigate what's behind the comeback of the annoying phone calls and the one thing you may be doing wrong that's leading to them. >>> also, president obama and mitt romney will debate domestic and foreign policy tomorrow. and it's that format that could favor one of them. >>> and on the eve of that debate secretary of state hillary clinton makes an admission about the benghazi attack that killed bay
people are dead, including an american soldier and an american contractor after a fire fight between u.s. force and their afghan army allies. the afghan soldier reported think walked up to a group of unsuspected troops, exchanged a few words and opened fire. u.s. forces then shot back. nato has not said whether it considers it an inside attack at this point. the number of troops killed since the u.s.-led invasion in 2001 is now exactly 2,000. >>> the first presidential debate of the campaign is in three days. today, both parties were trying to lower expectations, which is typical. what wasn't typical today is what anne romney had to say about her husband and her concerns if he becomes president. nbc bay area's kristin walker has the latest. >> reporter: with four mock debates under his bet, the president will rally supporters in nevada before jumping in to the debate preps ring with senator john kerry, his sparring partner, channelling mitt romney. in an iowa poll out today, president obama got another boost, leaving governor romney by four points, 49 to 45%. the president at ease, even
that shooting and will decide if it was justified. >>> just into our newsroom, oakland is the first u.s. city to offer combination government i.d.s and bank cards to all citizens. city council members voted to give the final go ahead during tonight's session. all residents can get a card. the debit card fax function keeps people from having to carry cash. the cards will roll out in 60 to 90 days. the price will be a one-time fee of $10 for minors and senior citizens and $15 for adults. richmond is considering a similar program. >>> it was standing room only at milpitas city council meeting. the topic, outsourcing the police department. citizens attended to tell the mayor why they don't think it will work for their city. when the community found out they turned to facebook to gather support against that idea. >> we kind of have become the face of the community. and as a result of that, we've heard a lot of feedback from people that they want to keep those kind of services in this community. >> i have no idea what your financial situations are, where you are looking for money. but do not take i
bay area relatives of ambassador chris stevens announced a special memorial service for the u.s. diplomat killed in libya last month. the ceremony will take place at san francisco's city hall october 16th. steven's family has invited a list of dignitaries, including george schultz and senator dianne feinstein. stevens grew up in the bay area attending piedmont high. after, he went on to uc berkeley and uc hastings in san francisco for law school. the public is being invited to the service but you should know the city hall rotunda only holds about 700 people. stevens was just 52 years old. >>> it was one thing when burglars took their jewelry. when they took the family puppy, a san jose city councilman stepped in. burglars first broke into melissa's home last summer. on monday her south san jose home was burglarized again. this time, though, the bad guys took her 10-year-old daughter's brand new puppy. the little yorkie mix. tonight the little girl has a message for those dog knappers. >> if you bring it back, that would mean the world to me. and i would be willing to give anythi
the websites to several major u.s. banks. now those attacks failed. but another iranian attack nearly shut down a saudi arabia oil company, experts say that type of attack should be a warning to the u.s. >> we don't have that type of security in the financial sector, the oil and gas sector, any of our critical infrastructures. >> leon panetta says that the industry must do more to combat those types of threats. >>> and tragedy on the tracks, we often hear about deadly accidents on our rails. in fact, there were two of them just last week. but how often is there trouble? we break down the numbers of accidents and deaths. >> reporter: we found that transit agencies spend millions every year to try to stop the tragedies. but the problem is not going away. in every one involved, from family members to those killed, to local motorists and commuters, are affected. >> they have it in my mind -- what they look like, what they're wearing. >> reporter: lasting images left in the mind of local engineer. >> they end up getting themselves killed. and there is nothing you can do. >> reporter: during his 30 y
on thirty-eight. >>> they are calling it the biggest doping scandal they have ever seen. the u.s. antidoping agency released nearly 1,000 pages. 11 cyclists armstrong's former teammates. the agency's chief executive says the evidence shows that armstrong's team were ran the most professional doping program the sports world has seen. armstrong's attorney calls the report a job. armstrong announced he would no longer challenge the charges against him. his foundation is still thriving in spite of the allegations. donations are up to nearly $34 million as of the end of last month and up 5% compared to last year this same time. over the last years live strong has raised money to help fight cancer. >>> the improbable continues to be the norm in oakland. the a's won an ml b best 14 games in walk off fashion in the regular season. why not do it in the post season against the tigers in game four. we take you to the coliseum. down 3-1. the a's strung together hits. coco crisp the single. the a's walk off and no doubt this team believes in itself. >> to say the oakland magic, our mentality is just that
, celebrations. just a lot of pomp and circumstance. welcoming this beautiful piece of u.s. history that will make its way down here to the california science center. it is 26th mission. you think about its 19-year career where it has traveled 123 million miles. 17,000 miles an hour and now it is going a mere 12 miles from l.a.x. to the science center at 2 miles an hour. there you go. back out live with the crowd here at the corner of mlk and bill robertson. here's one of the holdouts. you're staying. you plan to make it the whole night. >> i'm trying. if it is 6:00, i'll have to go to work. if it comes at 4:00, we'll be able to see it. >> reporter: this is a very significant moment for you. tell me why. >> it represents history. i was a little boy watching this go to the moon. watching the international space station get built. it is significant. i grew up in san gabriel valley. jpl which is a significantly contributed to our space science. the whole thing is mindblowing. >> it is awe-inspiring. that's what these people are waiting for. and you know you might be out here until 2:00
is misleading if not a lie. his plans for beefing up the u.s. military and how the spending would affect our deficit. he's been balancing budget and working across the aisle. >> i had the chance to be governor of state four years in a row. cut taxes 19 times and balanced our budget. and governor romney did balance the budget when he served in massachusetts. there's a footnote here. rather than a sweeping gesture of bipartisan cooperation, it was actually state law. the signature bipartisan achievement, hez tenure of government with health care law, he vetoed eight provisions in the original bill, all overturned by the legislature that he was overturning. >>> election day is november 6th. our coverage will start at 3:00 p.m. that day and will be on the air throughout the evening until all the may jr. races called. >>> talk about the ultimate cover for a thief. police busted a man for stealing packages off the doorstep. his decoy, a small child. sur advance lance cams caught him in the act. he spent several days in this south san jose neighborhood on a bike with this toddler. there he is takin
. >> rosalie says so. she stands 4'10". she immigrated to the u.s. in the late 1930s. >> she's got a lot of energy. >> in the bottom of the fifth inning, the entire ballpark stood in the fight against cancer. the tribute, part of the movement, stand up for cancer. they went room to room visiting cancer patients. >>> the hope is that it would all aallow you to see things a year or two years before the regular mammogram would, fwh which case the patient would definitely benefit. it's going to better the survival rates. >> recent studies show radiologists who used the few 3-d mammograms caught 20 mnt more cancers. >> its's hard to see who's the biggest loser in this case. obe is the dog's name, was placed in a foster home after his original owner let him go so fat that he couldn't walk. his new owner spent the next two months getting healthy. the 77 pound dog was on "the tonight show." now, the rescue center says they want the dog back. they're suing the new owner for custody and the money the new owner made off of dog. obe's fate could be decided on monday. >> all right, let's turn things
. it's not clear how it got here. he's just the second coo-coo to visit the u.s. he should be traveling to his winter home, africa. so he's apparently a little coo-coo himself. >> maybe he flew out of someone's clock. >> now you're sounding desperate. >> tomorrow morning, what's going to happen? >> clouds. i wish we could give you clear weather. fog friday, saturday and sunday morning and temperatures stay cool in san francisco in the 60s. >> bye-bye. [ female announcer ] introducing yoplait greek 100. 100% new. ♪ 100% greek. 100% mmm... ♪ oh wow, that is mmm... ♪ in fact it's so mmm you might not believe it's a hundred calories. well ok then, new yoplait greek 100. it is so good. ♪ >> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- from the new movie "argo," ben affleck. oscar winner octavia spencer. and the music of neon trees.
: the cancer registry counted the cases of cancers among people living in three different u.s. census blocks, vowed surrounding what is known as the super fun site. then compared those rates to similar populations in other areas. the super if you said site dates back to 1988 when the epa discovered tons of a toxic cleaning solvent called tce. . it had leaked or been dumped into the ground by both the military and the then young semiconductor industry located right outside the gates of moffett field. >> cancer is a concern for all of us. >> for snipes, he is chief of surveillance and research. >> we focused on cancers that in the past, there has been some report of association between exposure and cancer. those three cancers were cancer of the kidney, cancer of the liver and nonhodge kin's lymphoma. though there was no rise in liver cases, they did find a statistically significant elevation for nonhongkin lymphoma. there were 31 cases. nearly twice the number that would have been expected. >> i can fully hg why the residents in the region might be concerned. that's why we are careful with ana
segment. start with joe biden when he was asked whether u.s. officials in libya wanted more security before the attack that killed the ambassador there. biden said, quote, we weren't told they wanted more security there. here are the facts. state department officials in libya did request more security, but to the state department, not to the white house. it's possible, and ereven likely the white house didn't know but since the state department of the administration bind's statement was misleading at best. as for paul ryan, one of his claims was the administration promised, quote, unemployment would never get to 8%. in fact unemployment hit 8% as the president took office even before he signed the stimulus package. also the administration never made that promise, but there was a report out from the president's council of economic advisers that did project the stimulus package could keep the unemployment rate from going higher. again, ryan's statement was also misleading at best. >>> all right. he traveled faster than the blue angels during fleet week, and faster than the speed of sou
on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. world dignitaries were there. mayor ed lee was the first to speak praising steven's life. his sister, ann, said her brother set the standard for their family very high. >> chris was my most important mentor. and he showed me how. so it's not important who your mother is, it's not just important who your father is, but it's very important who your big brother is. and we had the very best. the world needs a lot more big brothers like chris stevens. >> stevens graduated from piedmon high school and u uc berkley. stevens became the ambassador toe libya back in may. >> new details on a multimillion doll accident on the bay. the 72 foot yacht capsized and late tonight, parts of that battered boat are arriving back on dry land. the crew tossed into the water and they tried the save this nearly $8 mill yonl vessel. cheryl, how does this all end? >> reporter: well, on the one hand, it ended well. there were 14 people on board that boat and all of them are safe. but that fixed wing that we're all familiar with that's usually in the middle of that boat, well,
president russ stanley's team. it's like being at the u.s. mint. >> it's funny. you don't really look at it that way. it's kind of -- if i was a baker, these would be doughnuts. we're ticket people. you don't look tat the same way, what the value is here. you just want to make sure everyone has what they've requested and you are able to account for it properly. >> reporter: we are only getting started from here in detroit. reports all day tomorrow and we'll be on the lookout for emen in, michael moore, kid rock, magnum p.i. i'm loren scott. >> doughnuts. very interesting. >>> we have multiple crews in detroit and we'll continue our coverage later in the newscast. also live reports on our morning show at 7:00 a.m. >>> new at 11:00 tonight, gearing up to man those fire trucks. the san jose fire department is growing tonight thanks to more than two dozen new recruits, a huge milestone for a department that for years has seen huge cuts in its ranks. george kiriyama has more. >> reporter: as you said, we've been talking about cutbacks and layoffs the past few years for san jose. the san jo
back they handle compliants. and here's another problem. the u.s. department of education doesn't keep a list of coordinators. so, no one knows if schools are complying or not. cheryl jordan is the assistant attendant of milpitas unified. after our investigation, is the official title ix coordinator. >> thank you for making us aware of this. >> reporter: everyone should know who the coordinator is at oakland unified. but of the 26 principals we e-mailed, only one knew the answer. >> that's concerning that more principals weren't aware who the title ix coordinator is. obviously, needs to be more vigilant in training in this area. as of san francisco -- >> it hasn't been brought to us as a concern by a parent or a student. >> reporter: because we're bringing it to you, it's not a concern. but if a parent were to bring it to you, it would be? >> we have shared your rights and opportunities. >> reporter: after talking to us for ten minutes. >> thank you very much. >> reporter: she walked out. >> overnight, i think, to make sure that title ix is being followed. >> reporter: the office of ci
policy. >>> a former u.s. senator who lost the presidential race to richard nixon has died. george mcgovern was the democratic candidate for president in 1972. mcgovern represented south dakota for four years in the house and 18 years in the senate. last week his family disclosed he had entered hospice care. he died this morning surrounded by his family and long-time friends. george mcgovern was 90 years old. gas prices are on the way down. the national average for a gallon of gasoline has fallen 8.5 cents to $3.75. the bay area prices remain among the most expensive in the nation of course but are coming down a bit. san francisco's average price is $4.54 a gallon. down 15 cents from last week. san jose's average 4.43 compared to 4:60 and oakland 4:45 down fr a week ago. >>> a piece of a meteor that exploded over the bay area last woenz he is asking for the public help to search your backyard for clues and hi says it is race against time. >> this is a souvenir of our past. >> this little souvenir according to nasa scientist could provide clues about the history the solar system and ho
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